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What We Do as a Commercial Painting Company

In nearly 40 years as industrial painting contractors, we've handled everything. But there are three places where we shine:

Repaint Jobs

Nothing lasts forever, but industrial equipment should function for as long as possible. Replacements are expensive. Often, just repainting a facility or a piece of machinery can improve its longevity. At CPC, we specialize in removing old paint, prepping the surface, and applying a fresh coat of the right stuff to protect and beautify your equipment.

Removing Old Paint

Removing old paint from an industrial surface can prove challenging. Not every material can handle abrasives, solvents, or chemicals. Some are even hazardous in the wrong environment. Using the right paint strippers or blasting technology is key to safely and effectively removing old paint so we can recoat your industrial surface.

Surface Prep

Whether you're painting your bathroom at home or a wastewater tank facility, surface preparation is central to success. At Carolina Painting Company, we've invested in all the latest blasting equipment to help us get your job done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.