Does your facility deal with abrasive processes, exposure to corrosion, or frequent sanitation?

A protective coating can shield your facility surfaces and equipment from the effects of extreme wear. The right coating can be critical to worker safety, extend the life of your equipment, and protect your facility’s assets.

Specialty coatings are essential solutions across an array of industries, including construction, aerospace, marine, industrial, mining, automotive, power generation, and oil and gas.

The Future of Specialty & Protective Coating

One of the world's oldest industries, painting dates back around 20,000 years. But really, we're just getting started.

Water-based and eco-friendly coatings are beginning to replace conventional ones in the industrial sector. And the demand for green technology continues to rise around the world.

The protective coatings industry is providing breakthrough technology to give end users protective coatings that provide weather resistance, perform well, are easy to clean, and keep the environment safe.

We work with coating manufacturers that provide innovative products to meet these ever-changing demands.

Specialty & Protective CoatingsSpecialty & Protective Coatings

Let's Talk

At CPC, we work with top professionals at national and international coating manufacturing companies to help recommend the proper systems for:

  • Liquid Wall Systems
  • Trowel and Fabric Reinforced Systems
  • Urethane Cements
  • Fast-cure and Low-odor Coating
  • Structural Steel
  • Secondary Containments
  • Piping and Pipe Bridges
  • Ground Storage and Holding Tanks
  • Coating in Adverse Environments

For coating recommendations tailored to your facility, give us a call at (864) 855-0600 or request a consultation with one of our industrial painting experts.